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'Swaggering attitude filled indie, alternative-rock, littered with meaty riffs, fuzzed up force, big big hooks and locked inside is a danceable groove.'

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We Be Beasts are a fuzzy four piece from Leicester, UK. The band is known for their DIY ethic, writing, producing, performing and creating all elements of their music independently from the CD cases to this very website.


The band is:

Nick Brooker (Singer, Guitarist, Lyricist)

Chris Jones (Bass Guitar)

Matt Jones (Lead Guitar)

Dan Wright (Drums, Backing Vocals, Production).


With a history of previous musical endeavours in various genres, We Be Beasts formed in 2017 when school friends Nick and Dan came together to bring to life a few Garageband demos. Brothers Chris and Matt joined the line-up through musical connections (although attending the same school) and the four-piece was created.

"We Be Beasts is us four musicians creating the music that we want to create in the way that we want to do it. We've all been in many previous bands but this feels the most us and the most honest and it's a lot of fun" - Dan, WBB

The band released it's debut singles 'Czary' and 'We Be Beasts' in April 2019 and regularly performs on the Midlands circuit and nationally. With gigs so far in Leicester and London and festivals such as Glastonbudget, Gotham Fest, Real Fest and Worcester Music Festival. 




Find some downloadable photos and pdfs of our press releases, stage layout and tech spec here.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.